Friday, November 4, 2011

What did the toilet paper do to you???

We were just having some furniture delivered and I put  all three dogs upstairs, with the gate up, so they wouldn't get in the way.  They were up there for no more than 10 minutes.  I go up and find this:

Our TERROR.. err... I mean, our 1 year old Chihuahua, Annabelle - got into the bathroom, apparently tried playing fetch with the bath mats, and also completely destroyed a roll of toilet paper.   Pieces everywhere!

And when I FINALLY finished cleaning it all up, I look over the railing and see this going down the stairs:

That would be our monster, Annabelle, caught in the act, making another mess while I'm cleaning up the first one.  And poor Sammy at the bottom of the stairs - with the roll of toilet paper - begging me with his eyes not to blame him.  It's ok Sammy, we know who the culprit was!  The one it usually is lately!!!  I never knew a tiny 6 pound dog could get into so much mischief!! I mean, really!!   It's a good thing we find her so adorable.  It's just impossible to get mad at her.  lol

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  1. This is hilarious!!! My dog Ernie does the same thing when I leave the house without him!!!


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