Monday, April 20, 2009

$143 worth of free groceries from Tops

I went to Tops this morning (a chain grocery store here in Upstate NY) and I did GREAT!

I had these coupons for Marcal paper products for a couple of months but couldn't find anyone who carried these products and the coupons expired this month. I was afraid I was going to have to thrown them away (didn't want to do that) and Tops just started carrying these this week and had a big sale on them! So I scored big time on them! I had coupons for FREE paper towels, toilet paper and tissues, and many $1 coupons on the multi packs.

And if anyone is wondering what I do with all this stuff - some is for me, some I donate to a Hospice House for the terminally ill in my town, and I also send care packages to the troops through

Here's what I got in paper products:

4 Single rolls of paper towels = FREE
4 boxes of Tissues = FREE
(3) 8 pk rolls paper towels = $4 ea
(9) 12 pk rolls toilet paper = $4 ea
(3) packages of Napkins = $1

Here's what else I got at Tops:

10 Electrasol dish tabs = 79¢ ea! (had ten $2.50 coupons!)
Uncle Bens rice = 50¢ ea
Carefree pads = on clearance rack for $1.50, had Q for $1/2 = $1 ea
Brut deodorant = 70¢
Ken's dressing spray = $1
Hefty bags - had 20¢ peelie on it & 55¢ coupon (both doubled!) = 69¢
Betty Crocker potatoes = $1
Purex = $2
Capri Sun juices = $1.25 ea
Welches juices = had BOGO coupons & $1.50 coupons, pd $1.59 & $1.35 ea
Mighty Dog 12pk = $4.99
Arm & Hammer Essentials = $1 ea
Better than Ears dog treats = $1.29
Keebler cookies = $1 ea

My total bill was $241.75 before coupons - and I ended up paying just $98 after coupons!

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  1. Wow! That's alot of stuff for only $98!! Way to go! I will definitely check out I saw your blog on blog catalog. You have a nice blog and interesting ads.


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