Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to organize coupons with a 3-ring binder

When I first started couponing I was just using one of those accordian style wallet sized coupon holders. After a while I upgrated to a basic 3-ring 1" binder. I have recently upgraded to a 2" trapper-keeper style binder.
And I have to say, I LOVE my new coupon binder! I purchased it at Walmart in the stationary department for around $15. There is a small zippered compartment on the outside which I keep my little calculator in.

Inside on the left inside cover there are 3 accordian style pockets which I keep my current week's store circulars in. There is also a zippered mesh pocket which I keep a notepad in, a pen, and a coupon cutter. The coupon cutter makes it SO much easier and faster to cut out last-minute coupons from store circulars while you're in the store.

This binder came with 3 plastic folders which have little pockets in the front. I use one for my catalinas and other coupons such as Register Rewards. This way they are right in front and I won't forget to use them. The second one I use for my rebates, and the third one I use for my Rainchecks.

I purchased a few packs of divider tabs which are rewritable. There were 5/pk and I bought 4 packs. I also bought some baseball card holders to keep my coupons in. You can find them at Walmart, usually near the checkouts where the collector cards are located.

I set up my coupons in 4 major categories, and 20 categories all together.
The major categories are: Health & Beauty, Pets, Food, Non-Food
In each of those categories I have tabs for these sub-categories:
Health & Beauty: Medicine, Razors, Teeth Products, Personal, Deodorants, Hair Care, Soaps, Makeup & Lotions.
Pet Products: (no subcategories)
Food: Boxed/Canned Goods, Beverages, Snacks/Candy, Cereal, Baking Products, Dairy, Frozen
Non-Food: Paper Goods & Bags, Cleaning Products, Laundry, Dish Detergents

Some people prefer their categories to be in alphabetical order, or some other order, but I prefer to have them set up in the order I shop the store I visit the most: my Super Walmart!

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  1. You rock BH - got my coupon binder as a mothers day present - I am going to orgainize mine by asile since I generally only shop at Safeway. We live pretty far out in the country so that is the closest but I still check the ads for Frys and Walgreens just in case.


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