Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Real Deals" dollar store in Central NY

If you live in the Central NY area there is a dollar store known as "Real Deals" - and let me tell you it's not your average dollar store! I have found some amazing deals in there. I've shopped in the Real Deals stores in Syracuse, Auburn, Waterloo/Seneca Falls and Lyons. I believe there are 11 in the area locally but these are the only ones I've shopped at.

Real Deals doesn't have your average "dollar store" type inventory. Sure, it has some of the basics but it has SO much more.

I needed some new business cards and I went to my local Staples and they wanted $40 for 1,000 cards. I went to Real Deals and they were $1 for 250! That's $4 per 1000 cards. That is a savings of $36 per 1,000 cards!

Before Christmas I needed some sheets of batting (I do a lot of sewing projects) and the price was around $25-$30 at Joann's for a Queen sized sheet. Real Deals had rolls of this equal quality batting for $1. It takes about 4 rolls from Real Deals to make a queen sized sheet, so that's another savings of $21-$26.

I go through a LOT of thread, and was paying anywhere from $2-$3 for 1,000 yards at Walmart, Joann's, etc. I found boxes of quality Coats & Clark thread at Real Deals for $1 per 3,000 yard spools! Needless to say, I picked up every single roll in the colors I use. My cart was full!

I almost always pick up something for the dogs, they have awesome squeaky toys that my dogs love (they like the soft & LOUD ones) and for a buck you can't beat it. You'd pay $3+ at Walmart. They also have dog treats and food, which I occasionally buy if it's a brand name I recognize as quality and one that my dogs like.

My favorite department is the stationary aisle. Tons of paper, binders, business cards (as mentioned above), window decals that you print on your printer, professional forms, etc. Not to mention a huge selection of pens, pencils, crayons, markers, etc.

I spent $100 in there yesterday and that's very unusual for me to spend that kind of money at a dollar store. But I did buy cases of business cards, boxes of thread and some other things I just couldn't live without at the moment.

If you live in Central NY or are visiting the area - check one out, I'd be willing to bet that you will love it and be pleasantly surprised!

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