Friday, April 29, 2011

Only 2 days left to save 10%!

Paws To Admire

Only 2 days left!  Save 10% off any order of $25 or more through Paws To Admire!

Use coupon code "April11Save10" at checkout to receive your 10% discount!

Most popular item:  BELLY BANDS for male dogs.  They are diapers for male dogs who lift their legs to pee on furniture, carpet, etc.  With belly bands, they pee into the bands instead of your carpet or furniture!

Belly bands are:
  • Made of cotton/flannel
  • Machine washable - reuse hundreds of times over!
  • Much more cost effective than buying disposable diapers, they start at just $5.39!
  • More comfortable than diapers, and more effective!
  • Very easy to put on your dog!
  • Over 100 fabrics to choose from!

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