Monday, April 25, 2011

Walgreens - they paid me to buy $100+ worth of stuff today!

I made out like a bandit at my Walgreens today!  I did 2 transactions (See both register receipts below).  I got $100+ worth of stuff for $1.24!  One receipt was for $4.53, the other was for $1.71 = and after that, I got $5 in RR's which comes out to $1.24 for everything! PLUS I get two $2.99 rebates on the bandages, so I actually MADE a profit of $4.74!  Now that's my favorite way to shop!

The breakdown:

2 Folgers Coffee
9 Boxes of Splenda
Nexcare bandages
2 Scope mouthwash
2 Viva Paper Towels
1 Butterfinger bar
12 Butterfinger Snackerz
6 Renuzit air fresheners
2 Stayfree pads

Score!!  :)  See my receipts below!

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  1. hi! that's awesome you saved so much on SO MUCH!!! Id like to do the same but totally clueless on coupons & saving!!! How many papers do you need to buy to get that many manufacturer coupons? or do you get them somewhere else?


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