Monday, May 2, 2011

Bumblebee Coupons - in the mail!

Companies love feedback on their products.  I've received many coupons from different companies over the years just for complimenting them on a product I love, or on occasion, complaining about a product or service when I've been dissatisfied.

I emailed Bumblebee Tuna about a week ago, telling them I love their product (we eat tuna a lot here) and asked them if they had any coupons available.

Guess what I received in the mail today!  A very nice letter thanking me for my comments, and 4 coupons for 25¢ off! (These can be doubled for 50¢!).    I'm a very happy repeat customer!


  1. Excellent! We are avid coke drinkers in my house and I recently sent them a letter of praise. They responded by telling me thank you, but they have no coupons of offers to customers. Very dissapointing!

  2. Wow.. you'd think a huge company like Coke could spare a few coupons? I would be tempted to respond saying thanks anyways, their letter converted me to be a Pepsi drinker. LOL

  3. I know Viva and highland milk/ice cream gives coupons :)


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