Monday, May 2, 2011

FREE Old Spice bodywash at Target this week!

You can get Old Spice bodywash for FREE at Target this week!

They are on sale for $3.99 each.  There is a BOGO Coupon in the 5/1 PG insert as well as a $1/1 Target Coupon in the 5/1 Target P&G Inserts.   Well, when you add all that up it doesn’t come out to free, except…the BOGO coupon is deducting $5.00 instead of $3.99.  So, here is the deal:

Buy 2 Old Spice Body Wash $3.99 each
-(1) BOGO Coupon from the 5/1 PG Insert(deducts $5.99)
-(2)$1/1 Old Spice Target Coupon from the 5/1 Target P&G Insert
free after coupons

Note: There will be a $0.01 overage so be sure that you do this deal when you have other stuff in your cart.


  1. Used this at the Target here earlier today and they would not take the other coupons along with the bogo ... It seems like many stores are making it harder and harder to use coupons. No where I know of will accept any that print out from online and now even kroger getting really picky about if you use a coupon on your shopping card they will not let you use paper one :( Sure wish could find stores that let you use this stuff!

  2. I don't have the $1/1 Old Spice Target Coupon from the 5/1 Target P&G Insert..
    I have 13 of the BoGo Coupons though.. How can I use these to make it work ??
    Thank you so much for your help !!! :)

  3. Yeah, I couldn't find the $1/1 Target coupon either, where is that? Thanks...

  4. You can not use a manufacturer BOGO coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Only allowed to use ONE manufacturer coupon.

    The deal you want to make is if the store has B1G1, THAN you can use addionally 2 manu coupons.
    You just had a dumb cashier.

    But no matter what it isn't the right thing to do!

  5. it also matters what order they put the coupons thru the register. Some places need the manu cpn to go thru first (before the store cpn) in other instances, on a B1G1, you need to use your smaller cpns 1st, then use th B1G1, so the $1.00 manu, then the $1.00 Target, then the B1G1 and it might work. I always ask the casher to scan them anyway. It is not for them to make the decision, If the register accepts it, they shouldn't have a problem. I have also ? cellfire issues, cellfire tells you they 'discourage' using paper cpns when using cellfire....? Then give me the store cpn on paper, right?

  6. The problem however is, that the store may not get reimbursed and than the store in the longrun will make changes to their coupon policy and that in return will affect all people who use coupons.

    So why not use the coupons as they are intended to be used, and not by having a cashier that doesn't undersatnd and therefore scan's it, or a register that may accidantly takes the coupon.

  7. I have personally never shopped at a Target. But from what I understand, the UPC code on the coupon is registered to deduct $5.00. It's an error with the coupon and/or Target's system. Therefore, whoever made the coupon needs to fix it.


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