Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I tested Walmart's new Ad match policy today and SCORED!

So.. you've seen the new Walmart commercials for their new ad-match policy right? I decided to test that tonight, when my Rite Aid was out of Tylenol Precise.

I picked up 16 Tylenol Precise patches & Creams.  Yes, I said 16! (Click here if you are one of the nay-sayers who criticizes those who have stockpiles)

Anyways..the only thing in our cart were these Precise items.  I go to the checkout, and the most unfriendly, crotchety older lady waited on us.  Before she starts ringing them up, I show her the ad and said I would like to price match Rite Aid's ad.  She reads it, hmms and humms over it.  Then she says "no, we can't match this because their price is with your WELLNESS CARD"  I said no, Walmart is supposed to match this - would you like to see the policy I printed?  She calls over a CSM who looks at the ad and says "yes, you have to give it to her - it's a new policy".  The cashier grumbles for a second and looks at me, looking really annoyed and says "do you have the coupons too?"  I said "yep!" And held them up in my hand with a big smile on my face.  She rolls her eyes and starts ringing them up.

The total before coupons = $80.00.  After coupons = $0.00!  Yay for me!  BUT we're not in the clear yet - I had so many coupons, it needs a CSM override.  So we wait.  And wait.  And wait.  My boyfriend who is already an impatient person says "is someone coming over or what?"  Cashier says "I guess so.. I have no way to call one over"  ... HUH?  Got a phone?  Got a voice?  Got LEGS to walk over and get one for crying out loud?   The line behind us is getting longer and we're getting the stink eye from other customers behind us.  Just as I'm ready to start walking over to the Service Desk (which seems like a football field away) the CSM comes over and overrides the transaction.

Cashier hands me my receipt, I pay $0 - ZERO!  And we walk out.

It was a pain-in-the-butt because of the rude cashier, but overall it was completely worth it!

We were spending a lot on ThermaCare heat wraps, so getting these for free was a total BLESSING!  I didn't want these just because they were free - we will use every one of them!  Total this week, we now got 37 of them free - and they will be gone in probably a year! 



  1. how did u get so many coupons? i was only able to print 2 of them.

  2. These were not printable coupons - they were in this past Sunday's papers.

  3. gotcha :) i did get 2 on tylenol presice web,missed the newspaper ones.

  4. I pay tax so my total would've been 6.40 which still would've been AWESOME!

  5. what is the deal on the new walmart policy cause on one of my other cupon pages i read she brought in a coupn for bogo & they said they did not do that

  6. I can't stand Walmarts customer service. It doesn't matter where you go it always seems like they hire the rudest people ever who hate their own lives. Ugh!

  7. Blu Berri - they do accept BOGO coupons, I redeem them there ALL the time!


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