Thursday, May 19, 2011

~~ May 2011 Mail Call ~~

Mail Call!  What did you get today?

Tuesday, 5/31/11

Well, my mail was literally sticking out of the mailbox today! LOL  One more thing wouldn't have fit in it!  Today I got:  My "Survival kit" with Secret deodorant, pantiliners, pads, and tampons and $5 in Coupons, Gillette Pro Fusion razor, Coupons from Lindy's for BOGO italian ice, and also 2 50¢ Q's, and my Bolt Energy sample with coupon!   SCORE!!

Saturday 5/28/11

Today I got (yet another) sample of Obestrim, a Zantac sample, and 2 coupons for FREE Armstrong floor cleaner!

Friday 5/27/11

Today I got 2 samples of Bolt Energy (don't know why they sent 2!) with coupons, and my free sample of Breathe Right!

Thursday 5/26/11

Today just got my coupon for my FREE tub of Cottonelle wipes!

Wednesday 5/25/11

Today I got my Folgers sample, another Nescafe Taster's Choice sample, my Garnier Moisture Rescue sample, and some coupons through "Shopper's Voice" - a survey company I do surveys for!

Tuesday 5/24/11

Today I got my free issue of Family Circle, my free Zone Perfect bar, and my Staples rebate check ($5.99) for the free ream of paper I got last month!

Monday 5/23/11

Wow, got lots of stuff in the mail today!

An Atkins kit with 3 bars and Q's in it, gummy vitamins sample, coupons from Kangaroo snacks, coupon for a FREE Yoplait yogurt, a Wegmans coupon for free soy sauce, and my April's Instant Check Rebate from Rite Aid!

Saturday 5/21/11

Today I got my coupon for a FREE BAG of Ore-Ida sweet potato fries, and a crap load of coupons from the Colgate Company! Woohoo!

Friday 5/20/11

Slow freebie day today! Just got my sample of Obestrim!

Thursday 5/19/11

Today we got 2 Purex samples with $1 coupons, and 4 coupons for FREE Grain Berry products!  My BF actually requested these himself from the company - it's his favorite cereal!  (I've created a monster! lol)

Wednesday 5/18/11

Today I got my FREE Eucerin Samples and 2 coupons!

Tuesday 5/17/11

Today I got my coupon for a FREE Zyrtec 5 count!  Woohoo!

Monday 5/16/11

I got:

Carefree Sample with 50¢ coupon
Coupon for FREE Purina Roasted Slices dog treats
Coupon for FREE Land O'Lakes butter (was a rebate)

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