Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quickest way to clip coupons

I get a lot of questions about the quickest / easiest way to clip coupons, so I'm going to show you my easy-breezy coupon clipping method!

I bought 10 newspapers today, there were 5 inserts in each.  I cut all 50 inserts in about an hour using this method.

All you need is a stapler, extra staples, and either a paper cutter or scissors.

Step one:  Remove all the coupon inserts from all your papers.  Sort them in like piles, so all the same inserts are together in separate piles, like so:

Step 2:  Grab one pile of your inserts and spread them out (on a table or floor, where you have lots of space) and start a pile for each page of the insert, like this:

Step 3:  Grab one of your piles of all the same page, make sure they are all lined up, and staple through the face of each coupon.  I do not recommend stapling over the bar code.  I usually like to staple through the picture of the item, or where there's a blank space.  Do the same on the front and back of each pile.  Like this:

Step 4:  Get your cutter, or scissors and cut out the coupons. You will be cutting through the entire stack  of stapled coupons.  This way your coupons stay together and you only need to make one cut for each coupon!

When you are done, you have a pile of stapled coupons!  Now just place them in your coupon binder and voila!  You can either take the staples out before you place them in your binder, or you can wait until you are making your shopping lists, etc.  I usually wait until I'm at the store to do that.  I find it's easier to put them in my binder when they are stapled together!

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