Monday, May 2, 2011

Walmart shopping trip 5/2/11

(2) Scott Toilet paper 4pk - $2.68 - $1.50Q = $1.18 ea
(18) 3pk bars of Ivory Soap - 97¢ - $1Q = 3¢ money maker!
(1) Zest 3pk soap - $1.98 - 1Q = 98¢
(1) Yardley soap - 97¢ - 30¢ = 67¢
(8) cans Pedigree dog food - 68¢ - B3G1 free Q = 51¢ ea
(2) Mr Clean erasers - $1.97 - $1.50Q = 47¢ ea
(2) T Bone dog treats - $2.67 - $1Q = $1.67 ea
(4) Power Bars - 98¢ - BOGO Q = 49¢ ea
(4) Protein Bars - $2.23 - $1Q - $1.23 ea
(2) Butterfinger bars - 74¢ - 50¢ Q = 49¢ ea
(2) Glide dental floss - $1.98- $1Q = 98¢ ea
(1) Noxzema razors - $2.67 - $2Q = 67¢

Total before Q's = $61.44 + tax, total paid = $21.14 plus tax!


  1. That's really good!! I do have a question did you get 18 packs of ivory? did you have 18 different coupons and have to do 18 different transactions? I am new to this lol. How ever, today between walgreens, walmart, and kroger i only spent $64 on $94 worth of stuff!

  2. You did great!! Especially for being new!

    The Ivory soaps - there were coupons in yesterday's paper for $1 and they were only 97¢ at Walmart, so I got them for 3¢ profit each! I bought 10 papers yesterday and got 22 free ones today, so 32 papers total!

  3. okay, so you only used 1 coupon per pack? did you check all of them out in one transaction? sorry I'm confused :)

  4. Yes, I used 1 coupon per pack and I did them all in one transaction.

  5. was the ivory coupon in the PG insert? all of the good coupons seemed to be in that one this week and none of the papers i bought had it!

  6. Can you tell your secret to how you got free papers today?

  7. Yes, the Ivory coupon was in the P&G inserts. I got 32 papers and about even though they all had P&G inserts, only 25 of them had the Ivory coupons. It's frustrating when they are so inconsistent! :(

  8. Cristy - it is no secret! I go to local convenience stores on Monday mornings (early) and some papers get picked up by the distributor, but the ones they just throw out they give to me.

  9. Depends on the cpnand the stores policy. Somestores only allow you to use 4 of one type cpn at a time, some cpns have written on them the @# of cpns that may be used per transaction.
    Read all the fine print. 'One cpn per item purchased' then you can use 5 cpn for 5 like items. 'One cpn per transaction', THEN you have to buy one item, one cpn, and stop,ttl, pay, do another 'transaction' You might have to come bck another day or get out of line and back in line,(depends on your store policy howmany trans they will do for one customer in on trip)

  10. wow so impressive and I was wondering how you got so many newspapers lol..I went & purchased 1 extra today..probably should get more! The coupons were great this week!

  11. I too HATE the inconsistency in the coupons! drives me mad lol

  12. where did you get the 1.50 off for the scott's toilet paper..i feel like i saw it but can't remember where..

  13. I would like to know about the coupon for the toilet paper too


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