Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My NEW coupon binder!

I'm sooo excited!  After searching for what seemed an eternity, I FINALLY found a 3" binder that I love!  I had been using a 2" binder for so long, and my coupons just did not fit in it!  They were always falling out, it was hard to carry, it was a disaster.   Everywhere I looked, I could not find that one binder that would suit me perfectly.

I decided to try a different Staples store in the city that I had never been to - and bingo!!  It is a 3" binder by Case It, it has a shoulder strap AND a hand strap!!  

I also re-did all of my categories (now that I have the room to do so!) and I have lots of new coupon categories now, and everything is SO much more organized!  It has a zippered pocket on the very front, it has an accordian style file section (this is where I put my weekly ads and shopping lists), and a zippered net pocket inside the front pocket (this is where I keep my coupons I'll be redeeming while I'm in the store shopping), and a net pocket in the back flap! 

Oh, and guess what - it only cost $19.99 at Staples!  And it's Pink!! :)

Here are some pics!


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