Monday, July 11, 2011

Conversation with CVS cashier

So I went to CVS this morning to get a few things on my list. One of the things I wanted, was the Bic Soleil Shimmer razor.  After ECB's and my coupon it would have been $1.  Well, they were out.  So when I was at the register I asked the cashier how CVS Rainchecks work (I'm new to the CVS world).  She told me their rainchecks never expire, and while writing up my raincheck, asked me if I had a coupon for it.  I told her yes and she asked for it.  She stapled my coupon to the raincheck and told me that when I redeem the raincheck, I will get it for the same price (I will get ECB's back at a later date) AND - she said even if my coupon she stapled to the raincheck expires by the time I use it, they will still accept the expired coupon!    That was a total surprise to me!   I had no idea they did that. Yay!

The friendly cashier started talking to me about coupons and asked if I watch the "Coupon Queens" on tv.  She was referring to TLC's Extreme Couponing.  She actually told me that CVS and other stores are changing their coupon policies because of that show.  (Yeah, surprise!)   She told me she has customers that shop with 3 carts at a time - and check out with multiple cards and multiple transactions. She said it takes over an hour to ring them up.  I told her I thought you were only allowed one CVS card?  She said these people signed up for cards in their children's names, parent's names, etc.   And it's people like that who ruin it for the rest of us. 

The things people will do to save a buck!  I like to save money too - but I like to do it honestly.

So anyways, maybe I was the only one who didn't know about their raincheck policy, but if you didn't, then you learned something by reading this :)


  1. Wow!!! I knew they didn't expire and that you would still get ECB's with it, but I DIDN'T know that they would still take the coupons even if expired!!! That's GREAT news to hear, since I had to wait nearly a month to use my John Frieda coupons! Still haven't gotten my Schick razors, holding on to my raincheck and coupons!!

  2. CVS is my place of choice, the cashiers are always so helpful and yes, they DO accept expired coupons (if they were out of product) I even had a manager substitute a Schick Hydro razor deal for me! They were out of the Schick Razor on their BOGO week and she gave me a different razor and even let me use the schick coupon on it! LOVE LOVE LOVE CVS!

  3. I didn't know about the coupon part until the past month or so, but it's great that they do that so don't miss out on the deal entirely due to them not having enough. But the 1st time I got a rain check I asked about if I had only so long to use it and they said no & I also asked about if I had to redeem it at that store & they said no it can be used at any store. Rite Aid also does the same thing =)


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