Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A great recycling program through Terracycle

I came across this program by complete accident.  We purchased Keebler's chocolate graham/mint cookies last night and they were so good I wanted to like Keeber on Facebook.  (after all, it's all about honesty here).   After clicking like mad, one of my clicks took me to Terracycle.

You don't personally gain anything monetarily from this program, but basically this is how it works:

(1) You choose a brigade.  Or, choose several.  For example, if you choose to recycle candy wrappers, you save all your wrappers.

(2) Collect all your wrappers, and you can even request they send you a box to collect and save them in.  When your box is full, you can download a shipping label and just send them your box.
Image of shipping box
(3)  Depending on which brigade you choose, it looks like they will donate 2¢ per wrapper or container, and donate it to any charity you like.

Like I said, you don't personally gain anything monetarily for this program, but I love the idea of donating to a worthwhile cause or charity.  Personally I'm going to look into saving wrappers and containers for troops or animals!

Won't you join me?

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