Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netflix price increase - ready to cut them off!

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I've been a member of Netflix for over 10 years.  At first, they offered "unlimited DVD's out" 3-at-a-time for around $12.  Then they went up to $16.99.  I still stayed with them for years.

Then last year, they raised their prices again.  In November 2010 they went from $16.99 to $19.99.  So we decided to switch to the 1-out-at-a-time plan for $9.99, plus you get unlimited streaming, which we use.

Today I just got an email stating they are changing their plans "so customers have a choice" (yeah RIGHT!) of 1-out-at-a-time for $7.99 and if we want unlimited streaming, that's an additional $7.99.  So my plan as it stands would be going back up to $16/month!!

This really makes me mad!  Why is it that the larger the companies get - the more popular they get - the more MONEY they get - is never enough and they have to be GREEDY and charge the customers more?  I'm so sick of this way of thinking!  Jobs are down, pay is down, cost of living is UP and everything else is going up!

Yeah, I know it's the way of life, but this really put me over the edge today. After 10+ years with the company I'm seriously considering dropping them.   I'm so tired of being taken advantage of by these big companies.

This is a chart from their site of their price increases back in November 2010:

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