Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thanks to Netflix, we lowered our Time Warner bill!

Thanks to Netflix's 60% price increase announcement the other day, it has really made us re-think our entertainment spending.

There's no question, we're dropping Netflix after 10+ years with them.  I've had it with big companies being greedy and taking advantage whenever they can make a buck.

So, we've been thinking about our alternatives.  There's RedBox, but the closest one to us is 15 miles away.  There's Blockbuster, but the nearest one is another 15 minutes away.  There's Blockbuster online, but they are even more expensive than Netflix was before their fee hike.

We sat down and looked at our current Time Warner bill.  We pay $175 for basic cable, Roadrunner (internet) and unlimited phone/long distance, and we have one DVR.  We use our DVR daily to record shows and movies we want to watch later (so we can fast forward all the commercials).  The only problem is our DVR is upstairs, so we can't relax on the couch downstairs and watch our recorded shows.  We pay about $11 extra for our DVR and thought maybe we could get another one downstairs for another $11, and this way we can record movies & shows to watch downstairs to take the place of Netflix.

So I stopped into our local Time Warner office today, to inquire about another DVR.  To my surprise, she said another DVR would be $22+ tax per month for a second one!  This would bring our bill to over $200 a month!  I told her that was too much, we are already paying more than we should, so I'll have to pass.  She tells me to wait a minute and she starts typing something.  She said that since we've been long time customers (12 years), she was able to give us a special package deal that takes off $25 from our regular bill, then she ADDED the second DVR - which brings our bill to $3 cheaper than we were paying before WITH the additional DVR!  She handed me the DVR, remote, HDMI cables, etc - and off I went!

So if you think your Time Warner (or other cable company) bill is too high - go in and talk to them!  If you've been a long time customer and tell them you need your bill lowered, they will probably be able to do something for you!

So now we won't be paying Netflix anymore, AND we got our Time Warner bill lowered and also got a 2nd DVR so we can record movies & shows that we want to watch later.

We go to the movies a lot, so if there's something new we want to see, we go see it.  And if we really liked it, we'll just buy the movie and forget renting movies altogether.

So THANKS Netflix!   Your ridiculous 60% fee hike has benefited us!

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