Monday, August 8, 2011

Opinion Outpost - get paid BIG for your opinion!

Opinion Outpost is accepting new members!  In July I received $10.50 in  Amazon gift cards, and on 7/19  I received a check for $61!  And as of right now they owe me another $274 for July!  Get paid for filling out surveys AND for referrals!  The more surveys you do, the more you will qualify for!
Click the banner above to sign up or click here to get started!


  1. I did sign up for this. I hope I am listed as your referrel? I did a few surveys, some I got than said I wasn't able to qualify for them, and I am confused on the one that sent me to RewardTV. I get points there, but I didn't get anything than on the Opinion Outpost. Are they not together as far as it being a survey for them??
    I am looking forward to doing more, but am getting confused as to which ones I will be getting paid for through Opinion Outpost or if they are seperate from them...

  2. Hi raeanne - a lot of these companies have you do surveys on 3rd party sites, and they usually tell you how long they take to credit to your account. I did one that took 28 days to post to my account, while others only took a few days. It may even show up under "pending" in your account. You could always email them and ask. I've emailed them a couple times before and they always responded within a day.

  3. Thanks, I do see some pending. It was confusing to be "shipped" to another site! I was not sure whether I should keep doing that or not. THANKS!!!!


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