Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Opinion Outpost - get paid BIG for your opinion!

Opinion Outpost is accepting new members!

In July I received $10.50 in  Amazon gift cards, and on 7/19  I received a check for $61 for the month of June!

Today I received a check for July in the amount of $241!

And as of right now I have $47 in my account for August!  Get paid for filling out surveys AND for referrals!  The more surveys you do, the more you will qualify for!
Click the banner above to sign up or click here to get started!

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  1. That's awesome!! Way to go!!! Just something I thought I might point out to you tho about the pics. The bank's routing # and Opinion Outpost's account # with that bank are clearly visible in the pic (that's what all the digits along the bottom of the checks are). You might cover those numbers up when taking pics in the future or use photo editing tools to blur that area out. :0)


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