Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Zoom Panel - redeem points for gift cards!

I emailed ZoomPanel and asked if they were going to offer gift cards as of August 1st.  This was their reply:
Thank you for contacting ZoomPanel Support.
From August 1, 2011, you will have a different Rewards list, which should include the Gift cards. Our Rewards team is still working on the final list. We will let you know when there is an update about it.

Please reply to this email if I have not answered all your questions. 
Thank you for your continued participation.

Sreenath Rao
ZoomPanel Member Support

They stated on their FB page yesterday that they are still fine tuning the new rewards list which will include gift cards, so it should be VERY soon when we can redeem our points for gift cards!

So that is AWESOME!!! 
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  1. I just checked the new site and I'm not seeing the type of gift cards I was used to from them. Instead of Kohl's and Old Navy gift cards, there is some type of grocery gift card that doesn't appear to be a real gift card but some coupons to save on your shopping. Have you heard anything else yet?

  2. Yes, I got an email last night saying I was selected to be in the first group to check out the new rewards program - and I immediately checked it out, and I have to say: LAME! Their new gift card selection SUCKS! They aren't really gift cards either. I think they just teamed up with that site where you can get cheap gift cards for local restaurants, but you have to purchase MORE than what the gift cards are worth. And they aren't for franchise restaurants, just like local mom-and-pop type diners. For example, I could get a $25 gift card for a local diner, BUT my bill has to be at least $50 or so, and that's BEFORE the required 18% gratuity! Stupid! And then they offer "grocery" gift cards, but it's just a subscription through a website where you buy coupons!!! I'm SO disappointed in the whole program. :(

  3. I also found a reward called Perfect Choice Retail eReward. The only description I could find was, "Recipient receives a $25 eGift from one of over 50 top rated online stores. Good for purchases on merchant's online store only." Ok, so WHICH online retailer are we talking about? I clicked on "I want it" button to see if it had more details and guess what? I got it - whatever it is. I've always been asked for confirmation on things I buy before it actually goes through. Oh well, now I'm done with ZoomPanel. Thanks for your answer Val, glad I'm not the only one that thinks it's lame.


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