Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zumbox - mailbox of the future! Sign up for free!

Zumbox $1,000,000 Giveaway! To sign up for the service, go to Zumbox, enter your physical address, and then wait for a physical letter to arrive with your Zumbox PIN. That closes the loop between online user and home address, and is used to unlock your electronic mailbox.

Billing companies don't have to wait for consumers to connect to the service before they start using it. The idea is that they just start sending their electronic print runs of bills and such to Zumbox, which then files messages in mailboxes waiting for consumers to activate their accounts.

Once customers sign into an account, they can then--for each biller sending them statements--optionally turn off the paper delivery they've been getting. Zumbox can alert users' preexisting e-mail accounts when they have new statements ready for them. The consumer advantage over getting regular e-mail from a biller? It's a central, secure clearinghouse for bills, and it's archived at the Zumbox site. For the biller, the big advantage, as I said, is setup, since they already know their customers' physical addresses.

This is the mailbox of the future!  Sign up now!  It's FREE!

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