Sunday, September 25, 2011

Had a great day on the CHEAP yesterday! was my mom's birthday, and my boyfriend and I took my mom and dad out to dinner, and shopping for the day.  My mom doesn't get out much because for years she's been taking care of my grandma 24/7 and we had to force her to take a day off yesterday to do something fun on her birthday.  (We had this planned well in advance, so grandma was still taken care by someone else for the day!)

I've talked about these a lot, but I had ordered two 8x10 canvases that I got for FREE for her birthday.  I just paid $14.95 shipping on each one.  I just uploaded a couple of her favorite pictures and turned them into canvases.  Well, when she opened them you would have thought I handed her a million dollars!  Her eyes teared up - she could barely speak.  She absolutely LOVED them.  (So much so, that I have more pictures, even from yesterday, that I'm going to also turn into canvas and they will make great Christmas presents!).  We also got her a 14K gold locket necklace with a heart & cross on it, which she also loved... but the pictures were her favorite things, go figure!

We took mom & dad to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  It was their first time there, and as you know, we are HUGE fans of the Macaroni Grill!  It's actually our favorite restaurant, so we wanted to take them somewhere they've never been and somewhere we knew they'd love as well.  Thanks to Swagbucks, I had two $25 gift cards I got for free, and a $5 coupon I got from Macaroni Grill's newsletter.  So we got $55 off our bill for FREE, making the meal very cheap for 4 people!  

We also did quite a bit of shopping which was fun for all of us.  We went to the Christmas Tree Shop, and I had gotten coupons off their website for $10 off a $50 purchase which I printed for me and my mom and we both used them.  If you've never been to a Christmas Tree Shop, it's not just Christmas items.  They have items for ALL holidays, home goods, housewares items, food, and so much more!  And their things are pretty cheap too!  We got our Fall decorations there last night.  Some really adorable scarecrows for the porch and such.   Not to mention lots of yummy goodies we couldn't resist.  Even got a few things for the doggies :)

Bed, Bath and Beyond was next door and what do you know... I had printed coupons for 20% off any one item and had them with me :)    Mom and I both used them!

Mom also wanted to check out a new thrift store, and the guys weren't so much into thrift shopping, so they dropped us off at the Thrift Store and they ran over to Harbor Freight to get some manly tools and things.   I ended up getting 2 shirts for BF, and 2 shirts for myself, AND a really nice pair of jeans for myself all for $17!    Scoooore!

On our way home, we stopped at Panera for coffee and pastries.  Which, I have a member card for, and we got one beverage and one pastry for FREE. 

We had such a good time yesterday, and my mom REALLY needed a day off to just enjoy herself on her birthday, and it went off without a hitch!  And, we had a really good time with all the freebies & discounts we got during the day!   It really does pay to be thrifty!

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  1. Wow Amazing great story So happy your Mom enjoyed her day.She is very lucky to have a daughter like you..


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