Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home made crispy Tortilla Pizza

BF texted me a little while before he came home for lunch and requested Tortilla Pizzas for lunch.  Soo.. I figured while I was making them I'd post the recipe and directions for you guys, since this is so yummy and easy to make!

Get out all your pizza ingredients.

You will need:

Flour Tortillas (any size you like), Sauce, cheeese, and any toppings you like.
I actually prefer mine without sauce, so you can make them that way too.

First, you need flour tortillas, you can use any size.  Place them on aluminum foil and then on a cookie sheet.
Then place them in the BROILER in your oven.  Keep a close eye on them.  When one side gets slightly crispy, flip them over until the other side is also crispy.

When they are crispy on both sides, take out of the broiler.  Add your sauce and any toppings you like.

Wrap the edges of the tortillas in aluminum foil, because they tend to burn.  Then place back in the BROILER until all the cheese has melted and they are done to your liking.

When they are done to your liking, remove from broiler, unwrap the aluminum foil from the edges, and devour!   They are SO yummy!!

They are light, thin, crispy, and oh-so-delicious!


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