Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My rant about TLC's Extreme Couponing

Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to be talking about this "great new show" called Extreme Couponing.  At first I was interested to watch this show.  I watched several episodes until I realized all the episodes had a common denominator:  FAKE.

Yes, this is just my opinion, and you may think you can really go to the grocery store and by $2,000.00 worth of groceries for 90¢, and if you really believe that I have a bridge to sell you.. for cheap too!

Here's what I see wrong with this show:
  1. All the Extreme Couponers say "wow, this is my biggest transaction yet".  Translation ~ I don't normally shop like this, I'm hamming it up for the TV show.
  2. How many episodes have you watched, where the Extreme Couponer is told she has too many items or coupons, and the transaction has to be split up?  HELLO~~~ this tells you right there, that they have never done this before.  If they did, they would know ahead of time to split up their transactions.
  3. I've seen episodes where the couponer says she bought tons of batches of coupons online ahead of time for the show.  Did you see that amount in her "total spent"?  Of course not.  TLC failed to show you the hundreds of dollars she probably spent on coupons alone!  Yeah, her total might have been $3 for her groceries, but that's before her cost of the coupons she pre-ordered!
  4. Seriously ~ who needs to bring along a trailer to go grocery shopping?  You think he does this every week?  
  5. Who not just purchases - but STOCKPILES diapers - when you have no kids???
  6. Did you see the chick who had her husband drive her around so she could steal her neighbor's Sunday papers?  Really?  Isn't that theft?  TLC is airing this crap, giving other dishonest people ideas on how to get "free" papers?
  7. What about that Jaime Kirlew - she was shown printing P&G printable coupons that had been on a known counterfeit-coupon list, and she also admitted to using certain coupons on the wrong items to get a better deal = COUPON FRAUD.  
  8. Most grocery stores have a limit to how many of the same coupon you can use.  At least the ones here in my area of NY - we are limited to doubling only 4 like coupons in the same transaction. This does not include Walmart.  Walmart lets you use as many as you want. The ones on TV are using 100's of the same coupon.  I just find this hard to believe that this was not just allowed only for TV reasons.
  9. Did you see the episode where the Couponer had too many items in her transaction, so the store manager got out a calculator to help her divide up her purchases?  A CALCULATOR!!  Do ya think he was sincerely helping her or trying to make himself look good on national television?  Puhlease....
  10. And let's not forget how this "great new show" is hurting everyday average couponers like myself.  Rite Aid has now changed their coupon policy, and lots of other major grocery store chains are making major changes to their coupon policies, thanks to this ridiculous new show, making it harder and harder for people to save money with coupons.
  11. I work my butt off couponing - it takes a LOT of time (I work on my coupons 7 days a week) and on an average grocery shopping trip I'm happy to save 50%.  I suppose if I wanted my family to live off nothing but pasta, cereal and candy bars I could save 99% like the ladies on TV.  Do you ever see them buying MEAT?  I mean, fresh meat, produce, veggies, fresh fruits?  No - everything is processed and again, they are just trying to buy a lot of ANYTHING they can get free to get noticed on TV. 
And this concludes my "Extreme Couponing" rant.    And heaven help the next person who says to me "wow, you saved a lot, but too bad you couldn't get all this for $1 like those extreme couponers on TV". 

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  1. I just want to thank you for posting this. I have been a couponer for a short while, and what started me on it (aside from wanting to save money anywhere I can) was honestly the show. Granted, I never saw myself stockpiling 80 bottles of mustard... or spending 6 hours in a grocery store. Everytime I've seen the show... aside from it giving me a "hope" of saving money... it's also made me a little sick. I know there's no way that this kinda stuff really happens, and there's got to be some fallout from the shady things that people do on that show.
    I made my first "haul" 2 weeks ago, at my local Food Lion. I racked up $120 of groceries, applied my store card, and then my coupons, and took $40 off my bill. I was HAPPY!! that kind of savings to me is great! But you know what most of the $80 was? fruit, veggies, and meat. Stuff that doesnt keep, and you dont usually have coupons for.
    Of course, I'm sure all of us would love to get this or that or the other thing for free, or as close to free as we can... but I'm not going to live off 2000 one-serving boxes of cherrios. It just doesnt make sense.
    To me, any savings is savings. I dont really ever see myself paying $3 for $1000 worth of groceries...

    So again, I want to thank you for posting this.


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