Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vindale Research - get paid just for opening emails!

Have you signed up with Vindale yet? I have been using them for a while and really like them! I just received this email from them:

Hi Valerie,

We have 10 new online studies waiting for you! You earn $15.00 if you complete all 10 studies or $1.50 for each one completed. These studies are only open to a limited number of participants so act quickly.

Online studies do not require a credit card and if you are not eligible for any studies today, don't worry, we'll send you more opportunities soon!

Click or copy and paste the link below into your browser to begin the study:


Vindale Research

Click here to sign up for Vindale Research - get paid to fill out surveys AND get paid just for opening their emails!

  • Paid Surveys - Receive email notifications each week about new opportunities to earn up to $75 for evaluating a product.
  • Online Studies - Receive email notifications every few days about new chances to earn $1 for completing a simple online survey.
  • Reward Mail - Get paid to read your email! Reward Mail features promotional messages from a variety of advertisers, and you will get paid just for reading the email and clicking on the link to visit the sponsor's website and checking it out. It's that easy!
  • Opinion Polls - Receive fun opinion polls in your Inbox a few times each week and earn 25¢ every time you share your opinion.
  • Member Newsletter - Stay informed. Every two weeks you'll receive an email about your account balance, new opportunities and bonus offers. 
Get paid via Paypal on the 15th of every month, if you have $50 in your account and request payment!

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