Saturday, September 17, 2011

Win $31 in coupons for dog treats & dog food!

Dog lovers! I have a little collection of coupons for dog food and dog treats up for grabs!

Just enter in Rafflecopter below to enter! This giveaway ends Thursday 9/22 at 12:01 am. I will mail these coupons to the winner once they send me their address.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their address.

The coupons included in this giveaway are:

(3) $2 off any 4lb or larger of Kibble Select food
(1) $2 Harmony variety pack for dogs (food)
(2) $3 off any large bag or Harmony Farms dry food
(1) $1.50 any 1 Kibbles N Bits
(2) 50¢ off any Dogsters product (frozen treats)
(1) $2 any 1 bag of Purina Beneful Healthy Fiesta, any size
(1) $1 off any 1 rub or Purina Beneful prepared meals
(2) $2 off 12pk or 12 single cans of Mighty Dog
(2) $1 off any 6 cans of Mighty Dog
(2) $1 off any 2 Beggin Strips, any size
(2) $1 off any Just 6 Treats
(1) $1.50 off any 2 Tbonz treats
(1) $1 off any 2 Purina dog snacks

In all, $31.00 worth of coupons!

Good luck!


  1. We have six. There is Annie, Biscuit, Peanut, Skeeter, Coco and Girly. They would greatly appreciate these coupons considering it goes to feed them :)

  2. We have 3: Rocki (who we call BooBoo cuz he's scared of everything), Jinji (Rocki's sister), and Nitro. They are terribly spoiled and would love to get the coupons especially since I tend to by the treats that I have coupons for. Debi Payne

  3. I have two new puppies Charlie and Angel. They are biting and teething.I am sure they would both be so excited over new treats. It would give them incentive to do more good things:-)

  4. My dogs are Danzig, Shunka (Shoon-Ka), and Mugga. They would love these coupons because they're all over 80 pounds and think if mom could afford some treats that would be terrific!!

  5. I have 3 dogs - Tino, Cody and Brodi. They are Papillions. I know they are little dogs, but they love their food and treats. Thanks for doing this giveaway <3

  6. Roxy! She would love these!

  7. Percival Ignacious {miniature Daschaund} said he would sit up and beg forever for these!!!


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