Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hot Clearance deal at Staples!

One of my favorite words is "clearance"!  Nothing makes me light up in a store like seeing those clearance signs!  It's even more exciting when I can match up a coupon from my binder with something that's on clearance for a smoking hot deal.  But sometimes, a clearanced item is just as good, all on its own.

I stopped into Staples this morning to pick up a toner cartridge and ran to the back clearance section to see what they had.  I've been wanting a new paper hole punch, mine is one of those cheapies from Walmart that half the times doesn't punch holes, and the other half of the times it spills those little holes from the paper all over my floor.  

So to my surprise, Staples had this really nice "one touch" 3-hole punch on clearance!  Originally $29.99, on clearance for $3.50!  I couldn't have grabbed it any quicker!  They had a few of them too.  So if you're in the market for a 3-hole punch, check the clearance section of your local Staples! 

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