Saturday, October 29, 2011

Product Review: SmartBones

These are our 3 dogs. Sammy - the shih-tzu/pom, Annabelle the Chihuahua, and Alexis the Min-pin. As you can tell, they are not underfed. They LOVE their treats. We usually feed them soft treats or dog biscuits for their treats.  They do not get fed rawhide bones because they are known to cause intestinal blockages, and we worry about their safety when eating them.  Well these three lucky pups had the opportunity to review these new SmartBones.   SmartBones are a healthy alternative to rawhide, and they come in Chicken and Peanut Butter flavors, and there's even a Dental variety!

"Who wants a treat?" and they all come running like a herd of elephants.   We gave Sammy the biggest one, I believe his was peanut butter. He IMMEDIATELY snatched it up and ran to his bed to enjoy it by himself.

We gave Annabelle one of the mini ones, since she's just a little 6lb Chihuahua.  She went NUTS over hers! 

And then we gave Alexis the Medium sized Chicken flavored SmartBone.   Now, she's the fussiest of them all.  She's 12 years old and very finicky about her treats.   To our surprise and delight, she snatched it right up and ran right over to her bed with it.

So the house was peaceful for about 5 minutes while they were all in their own little beds, exploring their new SmartBones.   Yes, the peacefulness lasted a whopping 5 minutes, until Alexis decided to put hers down to get a drink of water.  She's drinking her water and suddenly Annabelle runs over to Alexis' bed and snatches the SmartBone from her bed.  They started fighting over these SmartBones!   And here's the really funny part - our Chihuahua, Annabelle, who we have had for over a year, has never once growled, gotten mad, or fought with any other dog before.  She's been the most loving little dog we've ever seen.  Well they loved these SmartBones so much, that she actually growled at the other dogs when they went near her.  And when Alexis tried to get her bone back from Annabelle, Annabelle nipped and growled at her!  

We did end up giving Alexis her bone back (after all, what's fair is fair) and we gave Annabelle another one of the mini bones.    We've decided when we order these, we are going to just get all 3 of them the Medium or Large sized bones.  The mini ones didn't last too long with little Annabelle, she devoured them! 

We were skeptical if our dogs would like these SmartBones - but it's safe to say, they absolutely LOVED them, and I'd even say they loved them so much, that they would probably prefer them over their softer treats.  Which is great - because they are healthier for them!  

Some important points on these SmartBones:

  • SmartBones are 99.2% digestible, which is higher than the digestibility of premium dog foods (85%!)
  • Chicken, vegetables and other healthy ingredients dogs will love are used in making SmartBones.
  • SmartBones are the first treats of their kind to be enhanced with vitamins and minerals!
  • SmartBones are safer for dogs than regular rawhide treats, which may cause intestinal blockages.
  • SmartBones are environmentally friendly, whereas a toxic chemical process is needed to create consumable rawhide for treats.
  • Nine out of ten dogs prefer SmartBones over rawhide treats.
  • SmartBones are available in Peanut Butter and Chicken Flavors.  There is also a Dental variety with additional teeth health benefits.
  • Four different sizes are available from Mini SmartBones for dogs 5-10 lbs, Small, Medium, and up to Large SmartBones for dogs over 50 lbs.
  • SmartBones are available nationwide and at

So if you are looking for a healthy alternative to rawhides for your dogs, you will want to try these SmartBones!   We only feed the best to our dogs, and as a "dog mom" I highly recommend them!

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Order SmartBones through their Website!

(Disclosure: I was provided with free samples of SmartBones for review, free of charge. Comments and thoughts are my own.)

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