Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Surprise package from Lavi today!

So, I signed up for the new UPS My Choice site the other day, and I was surprised to find an email this morning from UPS saying I was receiving a package from them today! 

Well, UPS just left a box on my porch.  I opened it and this was in it.  I have no idea what this was from!?  I know it's from Lavi, obviously, but I have no idea HOW I got it?  It's a nice sized kit, too.  It's a 60-wash Complete Sinus Wash kit, and a box of nasal spray.  I have searched and can't find any promo where I signed up for it. 

Have any of you received this?  Do you remember where it came from?    The reason I need to know is because I have a lot of companies sending me products to review, and I don't recall agreeing to review anything like this... so was this a freebie thing?

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