Friday, November 4, 2011

Rite Aid shopping trip on11/2

I made a quick trip to Rite Aid on Wednesday, thought I would share my trip!

Nivea body wash $3.99 - $2Q = $1.99
Bufferin 130ct - $6.99 - $3Q - $6 ICR = $2.01 Moneymaker!
(4) UP2U Gum - $1 - $1Q = FREE

I bought these items because I had to use up some UP+ rewards that expire this week:
8 pk paper towels - $6.99
Cranberry candle - $9.99 - 75% off = $2.49
Halloween candy - 89¢ on clearance

My out of pocket for everything was $2.33!  Plus I get a $6 rebate back for the Bufferin :)


  1. How do the ICR's work?? Do you have to wait for it?

  2. ICR's are Instant Check Rebates - you go right on Rite Aid's website, sign up for an ICR account (it's free) and when you buy something that has an ICR for that month, you just enter your receipt information requested. Then at the end of the month, request a check and they send you one for all the ICR's you entered during the month!

  3. Oh that's awesome!! thanks so much for explaining! I will have to sign up for this =)


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