Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comforts for Baby - FREE blogger giveaway event

I am hosting this giveaway for a "Comforts for Baby" gift package. This retails for approx $40.  I will also be adding more to this giveaway - I have a couple containers of formula (full sized) and some sample packets that came in, as well as a sample of Pull-Ups that I'll be including in this giveaway. Everything will be for babies.  This will be a FREE giveaway event for bloggers.  All I ask is that you promote this event on Facebook & your blog. This is a great way to gain new followers!  Click here to sign up for this event!  This event will start when there are enough bloggers participating.

This gift package from Comforts for Baby will include the following:

1.Comforts For Baby Diaper bag (Not included in the image)
2. 1 package of Comforts For Baby Comfortable Fit size 4 diapers
3.Baby Oil
4.Baby Powder
5.Comforts For Baby Fragrance Free Wipes
6.Disposable Sippy Cups in various colors.
7.Comforts For Baby Cotton Swabs

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